Use Timber Salvage to Give Your Bathroom a Facelift

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Reclaimed wood is growing in popularity. It's making its way from the basement bars to elegant master bathrooms. Utilized on mirror frames, accent walls, vanities, flooring and even tubs, timber salvage adds rich texture and warmth. Additionally, it's a wonderful contrast to the normal bathroom materials such as tile, marble, granite, and glass. Unlike wood, all these materials can leave the space feeling cold.

Using reclaimed timber in a room that's full of potential steam and splashes needs some extra consideration. Remember that water is wood's evil kryptonite.

Here's a list of tips and ideas to use reclaimed wood in your bathroom:

Realize that Wood will Contract and Swell

Mixed with crisp white & vintage accents, salvaged wood gives your bathroom a modern eclectic look. However, you must appreciate that wood grows and contracts. For this reason, you can use flexible silicone caulking. Furthermore, leave a 1/8 inch gap between the tub's sides and walls and under the tub top. Seal the wood with three coats of polyurethane that's fully cured. All these efforts protect it from moisture. Ultimately, you'll control the contracting and swelling.

Add a Different Countertop on top of a Reclaimed Wood Base

Does the extra maintenance required of a wood counter turn you off? If yes, then using a different countertop atop a recycled wood base is a great alternative. For example, you can use an open vanity base that's constructed from an old barn wood and add a textured palette on top. To keep the moisture away from the reclaimed wood, you can utilize a fan when you are steaming up your bathroom.

Consider Teak

Teak is a rot-resistant wood species. Consequently, teak boards would be perfect when it comes to surrounding the tub. This is because they will resist steam and water.

Where to Get Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood comes from different sources such as commercial structures, mills, sheds, barns, boats, shipping pallets or even your own home if you're remodeling. Do you live in areas where farmhouses and barns dot the landscape? If yes, then consider asking around among the local contractors. Alternatively, you can post a want ad online.

The other source of recycled wood is from local excavation companies. Often, these companies are called to demolish old buildings. The less they excavate the better.

When used in the right way, timber salvage can completely lift the face of your bathroom. Ensure you opt for moisture resistant species such as old-growth cypress or teak. Whichever species you use, the above tips and ideas will certainly be handy.


2 December 2016

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