Water Pump Buying Guide

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Water pumps can be used for several different purposes, some personal and others commercial or even agricultural. Make sure that you fully understand the purpose of a water pump before you buy it and find that it will not help you in what you are doing.

Water Pump Purposes

Water pumps are used for moving large amounts of water. You can use them periodically like if your basement floods or you can use them more regularly to water your lawn. Here are a few other purposes that your water pump can serve: draining your hot tub, pool, or other water container, distributing pesticides or fertilizer, providing better irrigation, or draining any area that has too much water. They can be used at a construction site for a commercial purpose, or they can be kept in your home to serve your personal water pumping needs.

Water Pump Qualities

There are a few qualities you should know about water pumps to understand which one will best serve your needs. The capability of a water pump is measured by three different qualities. First, you have the vertical suction lift. This is usually the maximum vertical distance that you can have between the source and the pump. This is important as the pump's answer to this quality will indicate which pump can do distances and which pumps are better pulling up than across. The maximum head lift is another measurement you will need to know. This is the height between the water and the point where you will be draining the water. Last of all, you need to understand the GPM discharge capacity. This capacity measures the speed that water is moved from one point to the other.

Pump Options

There are four main types of pumps that you will see available. First of all, you have trash pumps. Trash pumps are especially designed for water that will have debris in it. Some of these pumps even contain chemical pumps. If you will be pumping water that contains a lot of leaves (a pool that has not been cleaned), then this would be a great option. Next, you have high pressure pumps that can move lower volumes of water longer distances, and this pump serves in an agricultural setting.

Transfer pumps can we used to water your yard or drain shallow areas that have no debris. Last of all, you have semi-solid pumps work the same as transfer pumps, except the semi-solid pump can handle small solids and debris in the water.


23 January 2017

Source Of Life: Charity Work And Water Pumps

Greetings to all who come here. My name is Brad Hansen and I am an accountant who happens to know an awful lot about wells. My church began charity work in Cambodia over a decade ago and it has installed dozens of wells in villages across the country. Before I started helping in Cambodia, I had no idea about different types of water pumps. Over the years, I have learnt that different pumps are needed depending on terrain and usage. Of course, making sure that pumps are cost effective and easily maintained is important for charity projects. These days, I use my accountancy skills to purchase water pumps and other equipment at the best possible prices. Initially, I honed my understandings through research and talking to experts, so I feel that I have some knowledge to share. I hope readers of this blog find it helpful. Peace to you all.