Why Your Stainless Steel Handrails Should Be Blasted With Dry Ice

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Fabricators usually do everything in their power to deliver stainless steel products, such as handrails, that are free from any surface corrosion. However, some surface finishes, such as ground stainless steel surfaces, may develop corrosion spots during prolonged storage. This article discusses why you should ask the fabricator to use dry ice blasting to remove those corrosion spots before the handrails are installed.

The Process is Fast

Dry ice blasting entails releasing pressurised carbon dioxide onto a surface from which contaminants need to be removed. The carbon dioxide is first frozen before it is used during the cleaning process. The frozen carbon dioxide changes to gaseous form upon contact with the stainless steel handrails that are at room temperature. The conversion from solid to gas causes an explosion on the stainless steel surface. That explosion removes all the corrosion that had occurred on your products. The entire process can be completed quickly without affecting your delivery schedule.

No Risk of Further Damage

Some corrosion removal methods, such as scouring, can cause additional crevices within your stainless steel handrails. Those additional crevices can cause corrosion later on when dirt is trapped within those surface imperfections. Dry ice blasting doesn't carry the risk of causing additional damage to the surfaces. This is because no abrasive is involved in the entire process. Thus, you will be sure that the handrails will perform as expected once you install them.

It is Eco-Friendly

Dry ice blasting is environmentally friendly in several ways. First, there are no waste products to ferry to a landfill once the handrails have been cleaned. Secondly, no chemicals are used during the cleaning process. Thirdly, the carbon dioxide that is used is extracted from the atmosphere. This carbon dioxide diffuses into the atmosphere once it has cleaned your stainless steel handrails. In this way, no new toxins are introduced into the environment.

It is Affordable

The cost of blasting your materials with dry ice is friendly on the pocket. This is largely because the process isn't labour intensive when compared to other cleaning methods, such as scouring the handrails by hand. Furthermore, the material used (carbon dioxide) is readily available in the atmosphere. These factors combine to make the process affordable.

As you can see, dry ice blasting offers very many benefits over other methods that can be used to clean spot corrosion marks from your stainless steel handrails before they are installed. You should therefore request your fabricator to use this method to clean those products so that you avoid the risks inherent in other cleaning methods.


23 January 2017

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