Tips to Create Space in Studio Apartments with Used Wine Crates

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To most graduates, moving out of their parents' homes and finding their freedom ranks high among their priorities. However, with rent rates in major towns at an all time high, settling for smaller studio apartments might be a more realistic option. Despite the small size of most studio apartments, a fresh graduate can make the most out of the limited space with used wine crates. This article offers unique tips that graduates can apply inside their new residence to create more space using old wine crates.

Shoe Rack — Moving out of your parents' house would mean taking everything that belongs to you, including shoes. You may have several pairs of shoes that you may not be willing to let go. Additionally, there is the likelihood that you will buy more pairs as time goes by. Therefore, you should have a plan on where you are going to store all these pairs. Used wine crates offer you the perfect opportunity to make good use of limited space. For instance, mount a used wine crate on the wall of your apartment's entryway to create a shoe rack. Instead of lining up all your pairs of shoes along the doorway, you can simply place them on the wine crates. Additionally, you can paint these crates with colors that match your shoes to create an aesthetically appealing look. 

Console Table — In most studio apartments, the outlook of the entryway dictates the mood of the entire room. Therefore, despite the fact that you will have limited space in your studio apartment, you can use wine crates to decorate the space. One way to achieve this is by converting a wine crate into a console table. For instance, you can fix a wine crate with metal tubing on one side for support and then give the crate an ancient look by painting it dark brown. Further, a console table made from a wine crate can be used to hold keys or display a flower vase.

Bookshelf — Most graduates move out of their parents' houses with their books. However, there is nothing as unattractive as books lying all over the place in a small apartment. To avoid this, you can convert wine crates into a bookshelf. For example, by stacking small wine crates on top of each other against the wall, you create enough space to store all your books without eating up the limited space in your apartment. This way, you are able to keep your books neat and safe.


31 January 2017

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Greetings to all who come here. My name is Brad Hansen and I am an accountant who happens to know an awful lot about wells. My church began charity work in Cambodia over a decade ago and it has installed dozens of wells in villages across the country. Before I started helping in Cambodia, I had no idea about different types of water pumps. Over the years, I have learnt that different pumps are needed depending on terrain and usage. Of course, making sure that pumps are cost effective and easily maintained is important for charity projects. These days, I use my accountancy skills to purchase water pumps and other equipment at the best possible prices. Initially, I honed my understandings through research and talking to experts, so I feel that I have some knowledge to share. I hope readers of this blog find it helpful. Peace to you all.