Top Reasons Why Many Concrete Contractors Are Using Cardboard Tubes to Form Concrete Columns

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The use of cardboard tubes to pour concrete columns is relatively new in the concrete construction industry. Nonetheless, these tubes are gaining favour among an increasing number of number of concrete builders in Australia due to the many essential perks that they have to offer. Let's discuss some of these perks.

They are light in weight.

Cardboard tubes are lightweight by design, making them cheap to transport to the construction site and easy to work with. Because public roads and highways have truck load limits, contractors can transport more tubes for concrete column forming at a go. And, installation times are significantly slashed because the tubes can be easily moved where they are needed onsite. This results in time and money savings.

They are robust.

When it comes to pouring of concrete to form structural columns, it is vital to use column forming tubes that can provide sufficient tensile strength. Some concrete contractors are quick to rule out the use of cardboard tubes because they think that they are not built strong enough to handle their workloads. While concrete column forming tubes made of cardboard are not necessarily the most robust option available on the construction market, the tubes have high burst strength and do offer remarkable weather resistance. 

They are versatile.

One of the major challenges that concrete contractors often face is that they have to think out of the box and provide smart solutions when dealing with complex building designs. Cardboard column forming tubes come in a selections of shapes, dimensions and end closure styles. What's more, the tubes can be notched, sawed or bored as required. Hence, contractors working with these construction products can build virtually any type of structure, no matter how complex the design may be. 

They can be recycled.

Virtually all types of cardboard can be recycled, and cardboard tubes used to form concrete columns are no exception. Once the material has been removed or cut out, it can be sent to a local recycling facility for recycling. This helps reduce the demand for fresh raw material required to manufacture new cardboard products. This significantly contributes to environmental good over the long term.

There are many more benefits linked to using cardboard tubes for pouring concrete columns. If you are considering using these tubes for your next concrete column forming project and would like to know about these benefits, feel free to consult a local supplier. 


15 May 2017

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