Factors to Consider When Selecting a Scissor Lift


Many considerations determine the particular scissor lift that you should select for your project. This article discusses some of those factors that inexperienced facilities managers can rely on to select the most appropriate scissor lift from the huge array on the market.

Desired Height

You can begin to narrow down your scissor lift options by considering how high you would like to lift loads or personnel during a project. Measure how high you desire the lift to reach, and then select a lift that can meet that requirement. It is advisable to select a lift that slightly exceeds your desired maximum vertical height so that you can use it at less than its maximum height during normal operations.

It is also helpful to consider the lowest level to which the lift can descend before you rent or buy it. This information is particularly helpful in case you want to lower the scissor lift so that heavy loads can be pushed onto the platform of the lift.

Load Capacity

Think about the magnitude of the typical loads that you will be moving during your project. Select a scissor lift whose load rating is a good fit for your project. Once again, select a scissor lift that can carry a little more than your maximum load requirement. This excess capacity will minimise the wear that would occur if you were using the lift at its full capacity all the time.

Platform Width

It is also worthwhile to pay attention to the dimensions of the platform when you are selecting a scissor lift. That platform should be wide enough to accommodate the width of the loads that you expect to carry. However, the platform also shouldn't be so large that it will be difficult for you to move or store within the premises.


Different models of scissor lifts come equipped with different accessories, such as tool trays, work lights, fluorescent tube-holders and half-height meshes. Think about the requirements of your application and then select a scissor lift that is equipped with the accessories that will make your task easier to perform. For example, select a scissor lift with work lights if you expect to work during low-visibility conditions.

As you can see, the specific requirements of your project will make some scissor lifts more suitable than others. It is therefore helpful for you to discuss your needs with experts so that they advise you about the best scissor lift to use during your project. Contact a company like Instant Scaffolding WA to learn more about your options.


22 May 2017

Source Of Life: Charity Work And Water Pumps

Greetings to all who come here. My name is Brad Hansen and I am an accountant who happens to know an awful lot about wells. My church began charity work in Cambodia over a decade ago and it has installed dozens of wells in villages across the country. Before I started helping in Cambodia, I had no idea about different types of water pumps. Over the years, I have learnt that different pumps are needed depending on terrain and usage. Of course, making sure that pumps are cost effective and easily maintained is important for charity projects. These days, I use my accountancy skills to purchase water pumps and other equipment at the best possible prices. Initially, I honed my understandings through research and talking to experts, so I feel that I have some knowledge to share. I hope readers of this blog find it helpful. Peace to you all.