Avoid These Mistakes When Choosing a Water Tank for Your Property

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A residential rainwater collection tank can be a good choice for any property, as using rainwater for flushing toilets, washing the car and watering the lawn can mean a much smaller water bill every month. When deciding on a rainwater collection tank for use at home, note a few mistakes you'll want to avoid in making your selection, so you know you can find a tank that works for your needs, and which is easy to manage as well.

The pump

Once water is collected in the tank, how will it be extracted? A very small tank that only holds a few gallons or litres might be easy to pick up when you want to fill a bucket for washing your car, but otherwise, you'll want to consider a pump for the tank. If you want to use the rainwater just for watering the lawn, you'll need a basic pump that attaches to a garden hose, but for bringing the water into the house, choose a built-in pump that is compatible with home plumbing fixtures. Don't forget to consider the type of pump needed for your intended use when selecting a rainwater tank, to ensure you can harvest that water as easily as it gets collected!

Weight of water

If you choose a slimline tank, note that some are a solid piece, while others will have actual holes or slots that go through the tank. The solid tanks are usually meant to be placed underground, so the ground around it keeps it upright, while the tanks with holes will sit above ground. Those holes help to disperse the weight of water, so the tank is less likely to tip over. Don't assume that a solid tank is good for above-ground use, as it may easily fall over every time it gets filled with water, but invest in the design with slots if you're going to keep your tank above ground.

Underestimating your need for water

You may be surprised to find out how many gallons or litres of water you and your family use every day; while you don't want an overly large tank that will become an eyesore on your property, you also don't want to think that a small tank that only holds a few hundred gallons or litres of water will be sufficient for flushing toilets and watering the lawn. Invest in a tank that's sufficiently sized to ensure you're happy with your new tank for years to come.

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4 April 2018

Source Of Life: Charity Work And Water Pumps

Greetings to all who come here. My name is Brad Hansen and I am an accountant who happens to know an awful lot about wells. My church began charity work in Cambodia over a decade ago and it has installed dozens of wells in villages across the country. Before I started helping in Cambodia, I had no idea about different types of water pumps. Over the years, I have learnt that different pumps are needed depending on terrain and usage. Of course, making sure that pumps are cost effective and easily maintained is important for charity projects. These days, I use my accountancy skills to purchase water pumps and other equipment at the best possible prices. Initially, I honed my understandings through research and talking to experts, so I feel that I have some knowledge to share. I hope readers of this blog find it helpful. Peace to you all.