Coated In Glory: The Advantages Of Having Your Motorcycle Trailer Powder Coated Instead Of Painted


Motorcycle trailers are great when you want to transport your bike or bikes over long distances in the comfort of a enclosed tow vehicle, and provide a great deal of protection for your bike(s) during the journey, especially if you own an enclosed trailer. However, while a good motorcycle trailer might protect your bike from wear and tear on the road, the trailer itself can be just as vulnerable without the proper safeguards, and many motorcycle trailer owners apply protective coating to their trailers to increase their durability and longevity.

Rustproof paints are a popular choice of protective coating for motorcycle trailers, but while these paints are capable of preventing corrosion and other forms of damage up to a point, they do have some shortcomings. If you are serious about protecting your bike trailer from the wear and tear of long road journeys, consider having your trailer powder coated instead. Here are some of the key advantages of choosing powder coating over paints to protect your bike trailer:


Unlike rustproof metal paints, which are applied to surfaces in liquid form, powder coatings are (as their name would suggest) applied to metal components in a dry powder form. This powder is then 'baked' onto the surface of the metal in specialised kilns, forming a thick and incredibly tough watertight skin that protects the metal beneath.

This unique application process leads to an immensely durable coating, and a powder coating applied to your bike trailer can be expected to last for many years, even with heavy usage and constant exposure to inclement weather. This makes powder coatings an excellent long-term investment for your trailer and more than makes up for the increased cost of powder coating compared to painting.

Increased rust protection

Protective coatings are particularly vital for steel motorcycle trailers, as they will quickly fall victim to damaging rust and corrosion without a watertight coating preventing moisture from coming into contact with the bare metal. Paints are effective in this regard, but because a dried and cured coat of rustproof paint is so thin, even a small crack or chip in the paint can allow moisture to come into contact with the steel and start the corrosion process.

Powder coatings are considerably thicker than painted coatings, and their aforementioned durability generally prevents these cracks and chips from occurring. If the powder coating does become damaged, the added thickness will prevent the steel from being exposed to the open air. This makes powder coatings excellent at preventing rust, even after many years of use.

Low maintenance

Rustproof paint coatings have to be reapplied on a consistent basis, as they become more vulnerable to damage and less effective at preventing moisture exposure as they age. Since powder coatings last so much longer, they can be reapplied far less frequently without compromising on protection, saving you both time and money.

Environmentally friendly

Many rustproof paints contain substances which can be harmful to the environment, such as solvents and volatile organic compounds (known as VOCs). They also have to be sprayed onto your trailer to ensure total coverage, which can produce large amounts of waste. Powder coating is a far more environmentally-friendly and efficient process, as the powders contain no harmful chemicals and are applied directly to the surface of your trailer using electrostatic processes that minimise waste.


24 May 2018

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