4 Reasons Why Laser Cutting Is an Unparalleled Technique for Sheet Metal Fabrication

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There are numerous techniques to get the job done when fabricating sheet metal, but none is superior to laser cutting. It is a faster and more accurate cutting method for fabricating sheet metal. However, laser cutting equipment is a substantial investment, which is why you might only find these pieces of equipment in advanced manufacturing plants. Since it's precise, high-quality and flexible, laser technology allows you to cut sheet metal into almost any conceivable shape in the most meticulous manner possible. 

Here are four reasons you should opt for laser cutting as your preferred technique for sheet metal fabrication. 

Speed and Efficiency    

Laser cutters are the fastest and most efficient machines for fabricating sheet metal. Often, the speed depends on the complexity and tolerance of the sheet metal. However, despite these two factors, utilising multi-head cutters that function together helps increase laser cutting speeds. Since the laser cutting equipment is CNC-controlled, it can function automatically, without human operators. That means it can continue running round the clock, enhancing efficiencies and speeds of metal fabrication projects. 

Highly Cost-Effective 

Like any other metal fabrication technique, laser cutting costs are determined by various factors, including labour, process and equipment costs. Compared to conventional methods, the labour costs associated with laser cutting are significantly lower because of added automation. Furthermore, unlike hand-cutting methods, you can save more money on equipment costs and operation.

It would be prudent to consider equipment rentals when you opt for the laser cutting technique for sheet metal fabrication since these machines are pretty expensive. However, one crucial advantage is that there is no need to change dies in the middle of the process since they don't wear out. Furthermore, cost-efficiency is realised during larger orders because you'll only need to press a button and let the machine run automatically. 

Enhanced Production Quality

Laser cutting relies more on CNC automation, which helps minimise lead time. The controllers will cut the sheet metal with fewer variations than hand-cut techniques. Consequently, you achieve high-quality cuts with insignificant or zero defects.

Inexhaustible Customisations

Finally, when you can comfortably accommodate your client's needs and exact specs during sheet metal fabrication, you considerably increase your company's value proposition and marketability. Laser technology speeds up sheet metal cutting with the highest precision without worry about shape complexity and material thickness. That means you can deliver any type of sheet metal design accurately to your client's expectations and on time. 


4 January 2022

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