4 Benefits of Using Cold Rolled Steel for Sheet Metal Fabrication

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Sheet metal fabrication can use a wide range of metals, and there is a similarly wide range of factors that determine which option is best for each project. Steel remains a popular choice, and one of the most fundamental decisions you'll need to make when selecting this metal is whether to choose cold rolled steel or hot rolled steel. Hot rolled steel is pressed at extremely high temperatures to ensure it is easy to form.

22 August 2023

Reasons to Consider Timber Wall Frames for Your Home

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If you are thinking about building a home, there will be many decisions to make. You must decide on the size of the property and the style and floorplan that will suit your family. You will undoubtedly spend a considerable time looking for the perfect location for your new home so that you are close to where you work or your children's school. These things are all important, but there are other factors that you may not have considered but can impact how you build your new home.

24 May 2023

Two Reasons Why Manufacturers Should Add Lagging to Their Facility’s Exposed Water Pipes

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Here are two reasons why manufacturers should add pipe lagging to their facility's exposed water pipes. It could allow them to safely leave the heating off when their facility is closed If a manufacturer's facility is located somewhere with cold weather and their facility's pipes have no lagging to insulate them, then it might be necessary for that manufacturer to keep their premises' heating and hot water system running all the time, even when their employees aren't working, in order to prevent the exposed pipes from bursting, due to the water in them freezing.

10 February 2023