Stainless steel manufacturing

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Stainless steel is one of the most versatile materials, and you'll find it in a wide range of projects, from roof racks and tanks, to gates, balustrading and even commercial health and culinary equipment. So what makes stainless steel so popular? Stainless steel is powerfully resistant to rust. This makes it perfect for all sorts of outdoor and heavy wearing environments, from outdoor kitchens to many marine applications. Because stainless steel is an alloy, it can be manufactured in a range of chemical compositions, with some heavily alloyed grades of stainless steel even resistant to extreme temperatures - both highs and lows - high pressure, and corrosion from chloride, alkalis and acids.

8 March 2018

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Scissor Lift


Many considerations determine the particular scissor lift that you should select for your project. This article discusses some of those factors that inexperienced facilities managers can rely on to select the most appropriate scissor lift from the huge array on the market. Desired Height You can begin to narrow down your scissor lift options by considering how high you would like to lift loads or personnel during a project. Measure how high you desire the lift to reach, and then select a lift that can meet that requirement.

22 May 2017

Top Reasons Why Many Concrete Contractors Are Using Cardboard Tubes to Form Concrete Columns

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The use of cardboard tubes to pour concrete columns is relatively new in the concrete construction industry. Nonetheless, these tubes are gaining favour among an increasing number of number of concrete builders in Australia due to the many essential perks that they have to offer. Let's discuss some of these perks. They are light in weight. Cardboard tubes are lightweight by design, making them cheap to transport to the construction site and easy to work with.

15 May 2017

Manual vs. Automated Laser Cutting: Which is Best for You?

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Whatever you're manufacturing, laser cutting could possibly be utilised as an important part of your process.  A versatile technique that can be adapted to many material types, scales and capacity requirements, laser cutting is a very precise way of cutting out parts to be assembled later.  But is this process best employed automatically, with a robotic arm and pre-programmed shapes, or by manual handling?  Both these options have their pros and cons depending on what exactly you're looking to do with laser cutting - but here's a simplified guide.

28 April 2017

Sheet Metal Construction: Three Considerations for Fabrication Material Selection

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Sheet metal is an important material in commercial construction and renovations. This material is favored because of its light weight. The property makes it easy to handle during installation and reduces the pressure exerted on the foundation, particularly in comparison to metal plates. Also, sheet metal has numerous applications in buildings such as laminating unattractive structures, building general facades and roofing. If you are planning on using this material in your construction, consider these important factors when choosing the sheet metal.

24 April 2017

Plastic Welding Explained

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In common with metal welding, heat is the principle agent when it comes to plastic welding. In order to melt two or more pieces of plastic together, they must have the correct thermoplastic qualities. Some plastics, like plexiglass, acrylic and nylon, have these attributes and some do not. Before attempting to weld any two plastics together it is important to confirm their melting points because some won't melt at a point that makes it convenient to fashion a single, connected object.

6 March 2017

Tips to Create Space in Studio Apartments with Used Wine Crates

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To most graduates, moving out of their parents' homes and finding their freedom ranks high among their priorities. However, with rent rates in major towns at an all time high, settling for smaller studio apartments might be a more realistic option. Despite the small size of most studio apartments, a fresh graduate can make the most out of the limited space with used wine crates. This article offers unique tips that graduates can apply inside their new residence to create more space using old wine crates.

31 January 2017