How PVC doors will benefit you and your home

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After a few years, you may think of upgrading certain parts of your house to make it look more beautiful and increase its value. One part that you can change is the door. Doors play an important part in your house as they offer protection from intruders and also unfavourable weather conditions. They are also the first thing your guests will see when they arrive at your house. Thus, it is important to pick the perfect door.

28 December 2016

Benefits of Using Induction Pipe Bending Technology

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Induction pipe bending is the process by which pipes made of materials that conduct electricity are bent. The bending process involves utilizing high-frequency induction heating on a tube by exposing it to eddy currents induced by a fluctuating electromagnetic field. The result facilitates the much-required precision control of pipe and tube steel bending. Uniform heating is regulated via a computer controlled system and is monitored via infrared cameras. The bending technology was originally introduced in the 1960s and has since become a significant benefit to a multitude of industries that use it.

12 December 2016

A Sound Deal

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Moving to a house that's closer to the city centre presents a unique kind of challenge. City centres have a reputation for noisy hustles and bustles. You'll be living in an environment that's much noisier than your current neighbourhood. Perhaps the way to get around this situation is to ensure that you move into a house that has (nearly) perfect soundproofing. How do you do this? Tag along to learn more.

5 December 2016

Use Timber Salvage to Give Your Bathroom a Facelift

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Reclaimed wood is growing in popularity. It's making its way from the basement bars to elegant master bathrooms. Utilized on mirror frames, accent walls, vanities, flooring and even tubs, timber salvage adds rich texture and warmth. Additionally, it's a wonderful contrast to the normal bathroom materials such as tile, marble, granite, and glass. Unlike wood, all these materials can leave the space feeling cold. Using reclaimed timber in a room that's full of potential steam and splashes needs some extra consideration.

2 December 2016

Why You Should Think About Getting a Metal Fence Powder Coated

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If you have a metal fence around your yard or are shopping for a metal fence, you might want to think about getting it powder coated. This refers to a type of paint or coating that is applied in a powder form and then adhered to the metal with an electrical current. Powder coating offers some great advantages for a metal fence versus standard metal paint; note a few of those advantages and some questions you might have about powder coating so you know if it's a good choice for your home's fence.

30 September 2016

Metal Fabrication Projects to Consider for Caravan Living

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If you are planning on living in your caravan full-time, then you may be considering certain upgrades. These upgrades may be to the flooring, bath area, or water filters and containers. Though these are all valuable considerations for full-time caravan living, there are some other projects you should consider. Here are a few of the metal fabrication project options that you may want to consider and how you can benefit for each.

27 September 2016

Centerless Grinding: How to Reduce Operation Costs

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Centerless grinding is an industrial machining process that uses abrasive cutting in manufacturing high-precision components. When using centerless grinding machines, a spindle or fixture is not required to secure the workpiece at the center for grinding. Rather, the workpiece is supported by the two grinding wheels. Centerless grinders are cost-efficient and time-saving in their operations. However, the following measures can be taken to improve their efficiency and reduce production costs.

23 June 2016